28. Reprogram Your Life with Nick Alfono

28. Reprogram Your Life with Nick Alfono

In this episode, Franklin Swann engages in a deep and insightful conversation with Nick Alfono, a former attorney who transitioned into entrepreneurship and mentorship. Nick shares his transformative journey from a successful but unfulfilled businessman to a mentor devoted to improving the lives of men. Overcoming personal challenges such as childhood trauma and infidelity, Nick has redirected his focus towards truth, integrity, and spiritual alignment. He discusses the significance of being truthful, responsible, and present both in personal and professional spheres. Highlighting the impact of strong, vulnerable leadership, Nick underscores his core values and commitment to personal connections, encouraging listeners to reach out to him directly for guidance and support. The episode promotes mutual appreciation and the importance of human connection in driving positive change.
00:00 Introduction to Nick Alfono

00:33 Nick's Journey from Success to Self-Realization

04:10 Facing the Truth: Nick's Turning Point

05:58 Childhood Trauma and Its Impact

13:59 The Power of Vulnerability and Truth

25:32 The Importance of Presence and Energy in Fatherhood

30:19 Breaking Generational Curses

31:24 The Power of Subconscious Programming

32:28 The Illusion of Quick Fixes

34:20 The Importance of Deep Work

41:28 Faith and Personal Transformation

52:42 Core Values and Responsibility

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