29. Find Your Edge with Raul Villacis

29. Find Your Edge with Raul Villacis

This episode features Raul Villacis, a businessman, coach, and man of faith. Raul shares his journey from losing millions in the 2008 market crash to finding purpose and success. They discuss the importance of emotional fitness, overcoming victim mentality, and the significant role of faith. Raul offers practical advice on managing different aspects of one's personality and emphasizes the need for men to face their challenges head-on and live with purpose.

00:00 Introduction and Purpose

00:39 Guest Introduction

01:47 Raul's Real Estate Journey

02:04 Impact of 2008 Market Crash

04:08 Childhood and Immigrant Experience

05:49 Entrepreneurial Spirit and Family Support

08:15 Struggles and Personal Development

10:27 Finding Purpose and Overcoming Challenges

19:53 The Importance of Faith

26:44 Identifying Your Different Selves

27:53 Feeding the Right Version of Yourself

29:55 Emotional Fitness and Managing Emotions

33:57 The Challenge of Doing Hard Things

37:50 The Power of Letting Go

46:39 Taking Full Ownership and Leadership

47:59 Connecting with Raul and Final Thoughts

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